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Like all of our conversations over coffee, I have learned a truth. People walk in expecting to be "interviewed" and not just looking for a general fun conversation. Every time Wednesday comes back around, I wonder who I will be sitting down with next, and how well they will take my "smoothing" in the attempt to remove them from the expectancy of an "interview". Not to mention once they walk in and see three cameras, they instantly feel it coming. 

In saying that, Seth Munro is a professional, you can easily tell through this podcast that this man has dealt with lots of people like myself looking for the "con" in what seems something that is far too good to be true.  I personally felt that by the end of our conversation I ended up being the "smoothie" instead of the "smoother". If you are interested in the world of Army  National Guard, you dont know what to expect, and you want to have a better understanding of what might be expected of you, this is a great podcast to get you pointed in the right direction.  I hope it will go on to help many young men and women decide for themselves on their future ahead. This is the STARadio Digital Podcast, on location, at our favorite coffee shop in town. The Bloom and Bean Flower and Expresso Bar.